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Zinc Infused Reusable Face Mask Covers
Zinc Infused Reusable Face Mask Covers


Zinc Infused Reusable Face Mask Covers


During the COVID-19 health emergency, personal protective equipment (PPE) is in critical supply. Face masks, a needed type of PPE, help protect everyone from droplets as a method of catching the virus that may be expelled by a cough or sneeze. 

These PPEs are in short supply, and we need to do all we can to ensure our front-line health workers have enough to keep them safe at work. 

To help with this, we need to limit our own personal usage of these PPEs.

Edenswear, our partner in Taiwan, has provided us with a small amount of inventory to sell at the cost price.

As Taiwan was closer to the epicenter of this virus, they were a couple months early in developing countermeasures, and Edenswear had started to make these face mask covers to help people extend the life of their N95 and surgical masks.


These face mask covers are not meant to serve as medical devices, and they are meant to be worn as a cover for your N95 and medical grade surgical masks. The face mask covers itself does not provide filter.


Outside: 100% Cotton/Japanese Medical Grade Double Gauze

Inside: 19% Zinc-Infused TENCEL; 76% TENCEL; 5% Spandex


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